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Xpert Digital’s Leadership Meets Indonesian Consul General, Strengthens Business Ties

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Karachi, Pakistan, June 08, 2023 Xpert Digital (XD) , the fastest-growing global digital transformation company, was hosted by the Consul General of Indonesia, making significant strides in its expansion efforts. This strategic move aims to revolutionize digital banking in the ASEAN region and leverage Indonesia’s potential as a technological hub.

The recent meeting between Xpert Digital (XD) and the Indonesian Consul General marks a pivotal moment in XD’s expansion journey. The discussion centered around the strategic collaboration between XD and Indonesia, emphasizing the mutual benefits it brings. The transfer of cutting-edge technology, combined with the utilization of local talent, will empower Indonesia to emerge as a prominent technological hub and play a pivotal role in the ASEAN region.

“We are delighted to witness Xpert Digital’s global expansion and their decision to establish a development center in Indonesia. XD’s commitment to transferring technology and grooming local talent aligns perfectly with our vision of making Indonesia a technological hub. The Consul General has assured full support from the Indonesian government for the success of this endeavor.”  Dr. June Kuncoro Hadiningrat, Consul General of Indonesia

“As we continue to grow globally, we see Indonesia, the fourth largest country in the world, as a strategic destination for leveraging human capital and establishing our regional global headquarters. XD aims to invest significantly in technology transfer, human resource development, and digital transformation within the Indonesian banking industry. Through our presence and investments, we aim to empower the Indonesian market and drive digital transformation across the APAC region.” – Mr. Hammad Rasool, Co-founder and Director of Xpert Digital

During the captivating discussion, Mr. Dewanto Priyokusumo from the Indonesian Consulate’s Council of Economic Affairs, emphasized how Indonesia, with its strategic geographical location and thriving tech ecosystem, can serve as a pivotal hub for the ASEAN region. He also highlighted the country’s abundant talent pool that could benefit by Xpert Digital’s extensive support in the technology sector.

The expansion of XD in Indonesia will provide local businesses with access to world-class digital solutions. XD remains focused on its core values of innovation, collaboration, and customer-centricity. With a diverse portfolio of digital solutions and services, XD is well-positioned to address the evolving needs of businesses in the APAC region, helping them unlock their full potential and achieve sustainable growth in the digital era.

About Xpert Digital (XD):

Xpert Digital (XD) is a digital banking services and implementation partner of Temenos, the world’s #1 banking Software Company. With deployments in over 22 banks in 12 countries worldwide, Xpert Digital enables banks to achieve digital transformation and deliver a consistent, cross-channel, exceptional digital experience. Xpert Digital serves its customers through a 150+ team serving from headquarters in Dubai, UAE with regional offices in Muscat, Karachi, Singapore, and Indonesia.

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