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Our end-to-end digital implementation services help you design, adopt and deploy digital solutions faster and with lower risk.

XD specializes on implementing different digital tools as per the bank’s business requirement. Our digital solutions enable our clients to achieve a consistent digital experience across all channels and provide more opportunities for business growth.

Superior Digital Experience

Banking Experience

UI/UX Experience



Managed Services

Flexible turn-key Managed Services to suit your digital banking needs.

We provide a range of outsourced and out-tasked network operational services predominantly in the banking landscape. A key factor of success is the management and cost attractiveness of personnel across the region which has been scoring excellent reviews from clients and has positioned the company well in the Managed Services segment of the IT portfolio.

Almost every aspect of business depends on IT in today’s business world. XD understands the technology challenges that are faced by the businesses. We take full responsibility of managing the IT operations, improving efficiency and delivering expected business results.

Our dedicated management and project delivery team ensures smooth execution of project making sure there are no interruptions on change management.

Supplier assumes control of all or part of delivery
Pricing tied with project deliveries
Supplier managed delivery model
Managed Services
Joint (RACI) based responsibility for delivery
Customer operating model
Customer processes & Tools
Fully managed by the client
Rapid access to missing skills and resources
Avoidance of hiring/de-hiring costs, and visa issues

Project Activites

  • Document Client needs
  • Story boarding
  • Technical Mappings
  • Architecture Development
  • Theming
  • Story boarding
  • UI Mockups
  • Evaluate confirmation with Stories
  • Assist in Environment Setup
  • Ensure mapping with Architecture document
  • UI Mockups
  • Installation and Configuration of environments
  • Tasks assignment as per Sprint Backlogs
  • Daily Standup meetings
  • Unit and regression testing
  • Conformity with requirements
  • Create Movement checklists
  • Implement as per Client’s Change Management Process
  • Assist in Movement to Production
  • Warranty

Operational Expenses reduction

Instant Access to Diverse Skillsets and Talent

On-site and Off-site model based on needs

Maintenance & Support

XD provides essential and advanced maintenance and support services to applications for different purposes. Our application maintenance and support is aimed at ensuring that applications are user friendly, reliable, available, and relevant to the current business needs.

We believe that our job doesn’t end after implementation. We make sure that our clients are generating return on their investments.


Expert Resources to help you deliver projects smoothly.

XD offers a resourcing framework that employs staff with highly skilled and technical backgrounds and maintain a pool of consultants with high level of competencies keeping in mind the requirements and needs of our customers. We understand the resourcing needs of our customers and provide quality and timely services to enable them to complete their projects without worrying about the resources.

Benefits Include

Flexible resource options

Reduced project risk by ensuring adequate staffing levels

Controls of project budgets is maintained

Signification reduction in management time and effort

More cost-effective use of resources

Focus on skills and working culture fit

Effective knowledge transfer

Faster response to new resource requirement

Service improvements and added value offerings


Most of the companies struggle with their technology adoption process. With implementation of new digital solutions, banks require a change management strategy for smooth execution of new tools to help end users adapt to the new technology.

Training and development becomes an essential part of change management which helps in adopting and equipping clients’ team with required skills and knowledge.

We provide the right level of training after conducting a detailed analysis. XD understands that a solution is only as effective as your ability to use it. To make the leap from designing a great project to leveraging that design, XD offers robust training and development services to our clients.

Four steps of training in project implementation:

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