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Revolutionizing Digital Banking in Iraq: Xpert Digital Empowers Ashur Bank with Temenos Infinity Implementation

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15th February, 2023, Dubai, UAE Ashur International Bank, one of the leading banks in Iraq, has partnered up with Xpert Digital, a leading Temenos Infinity digital services provider, for the implementation of Temenos Infinity for their banking segments. The new partnership is set to revolutionize the banking sector in Iraq, bringing innovative digital services for consumers in Iraq.

Ashur Bank, located in Iraq, is an established bank that aims to become a leader in offering digital banking services. With the implementation of Temenos Infinity, Ashur Bank will be able to offer its customers a seamless and personalized digital banking experience covering the entire customer lifecycle from onboarding to digital accounts & transfer using prebuilt and personalized digital banking experiences. The platform will enable the bank to offer a range of innovative digital products and services. This will help increase revenues, and reduce customer onboarding time significantly. The implementation is a part of Ashur bank’s vision to deliver a seamless digital banking experience to their customers.

Xpert Digital, with years of digital banking experience and a successful track record for numerous implementations, is renowned for delivering cutting-edge digital solutions to financial institutions globally, and their expertise in digital banking is a perfect match for Ashur Bank’s vision. The implementation of Temenos Infinity is set to pave the way for a digital transformation in Iraq’s banking sector, creating a ripple effect of innovation and progress.

 “Ashur International Bank for investments has been in the banking industry for the last 17 years. We are one of the leading banks in Iraq and we have kept in mind the strategic directions to move towards digital transformation. We have chosen Temenos infinity as our digital platform, a decision that was taken to deliver seamless transactions to our esteemed customers. We had to choose the right partner for implementation and after extensive research, we finally concluded our search for choosing the right partner for implementation and today we are really proud to partner with Xpert Digital (XD). To be a part of our implementation process we had taken into consideration the experience Xpert digital (XD) has, and the number of projects they have implemented in the regions has given us confidence that they are the right partners to deal with. In addition to that, Xpert digital (XD) is an award-winning Temenos partner. I’m confident that we will reach the stage where we will deliver the right service to the right customer at the right time with the help of our partner.”

Ziad Fatayer, Chief Executive Officer, Ashur International Bank

“We are excited that we have signed Ashur International Bank and are looking forward to making another successful digital banking transformation in Iraqi market. Ashur bank will be our strategic client where we will implement full scale digital banking suite. We are looking forward to another success story.”

Hammad Rasool, Co-founder & Director, Xpert Digital (XD)

Ashur International Bank has a vision to digitize the banking landscape of Iraq, and we are glad to be part of this journey. Iraq is one of the biggest unbanked markets in Middle East with over 35million people without a formal bank account. With this partnership, we will not only enable digital financial inclusion but also facilitate in launching convenient & innovative digital banking products to Ashur Bank’s consumers. Ashur Bank has selected World’s#1 digital banking platform Temenos Infinity for this transformation and Temenos’s award winning partner Xpert Digital (XD) for making it a reality.”

Asif Sheikh, Executive Director, Xpert Digital (XD)

Xpert Digital (XD) is committed to delivering its clients the highest quality of service, and the partnership with Ashur Bank is no exception. The company’s proven track record of delivering successful digital transformations to financial institutions worldwide and its expertise in the Temenos Infinity platform positions them perfectly to drive change in Iraq’s banking sector.

This latest win is a testament to Xpert Digital’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions that drive digital transformation for its clients. The company’s focus on delivering high-quality solutions and its commitment to customer satisfaction has made it a trusted partner for banks of all sizes.

About Xpert Digital:Xpert Digital (XD) is a digital banking services & implementation partner of the World’s #1 banking software company Temenos and is a global leader for Temenos Infinity platform implementations. XD has one of the biggest Temenos Infinity team of technical consultants and our digital banking knowledge & experience is unrivalled in the market. With deployments in over 18 banks in 10 countries worldwide, XD enables banks to achieve digital transformation and deliver a consistent, cross-channel, exceptional digital experience. XD serves its customers through a 120+ team serving from headquarters in Dubai with regional offices in Muscat, Riyadh, Karachi, Addis Ababa, and Singapore.

To find out more about Xpert Digital (XD), please visit: www.xpertdigital.co or follow us on LinkedIn.

About Ashur International Bank:
Ashur International Bank is a leading commercial bank based in Iraq that offers a range of banking products and services to individuals, corporations, and entities. With its commitment to providing safe, reliable, and innovative banking services, Ashur International Bank has grown to become a leading financial institution in the region. The bank has a strong presence in major cities such as Baghdad, Erbil, Basra, and Sulaymaniyah, with a total of 10 branches and 70+ ATMs. Ashur International Bank’s mission is to provide safe and dependable banking services to its customers.

To find out more about Ashur International Bank, please visit: www.ashurbank.iq

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